IFAN acknowledges that finance in the form of unrestricted educational support is required in order for its educational and professional aims and objectives to be achieved.

IFAN is grateful for the generous support that has been provided to date by members of industry and pharma as listed here in the contributors’ section, whose disclosure statements are published alongside.

IFAN is committed to best practice with regard to interactions with industry and pharma to ensure that committee member’s professional independence of judgement is not affected by receipt of financial support.

All financial support received by IFAN from industry & pharma is lodged to and managed by IFAN’s unrestricted Education and Development Funds without influence.

Committee members have attended educational meetings funded by commercial enterprises and have received speakers fees. They have/have had complete control over lecture content which is based on evidence based information independent of influence.

IFAN declares that its officers’ and members’ independence of judgement is the basis of its advocacy and educational roles and is not influenced by the financial support received. Any views expressed in IFAN’s literature, website or presentations are sincerely held. If any person identifies any conflict or ambiguity IFAN will address the issue immediately, and will publish any clarifications or alterations required.

December 2018.